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With temperatures expecting to be a near record of 38C this May, and the nights peeling back past 11pm - we can expect most people to take advantage of the glorious weather. And in the UK, going to the pub and moving parties into the club is not just a way of life, but an institution.

The recent attack in an East London Nightclub was quite shocking and although the news quoted that ‘none of the injuries were said to be life threatening.’ and that ‘The two men in their late 20s were in stable conditions’ - what if the circumstances were different? If staff were to become involved and became hurt in the process, is your business covered?

Nightclubs and Pubs need a multitude of insurance to meet stiff regulations and protect their pub, bar, club, their staff and patrons, their premises and their property. Whenever alcohol is involved there can be disadvantages - bad judgement, heightened emotions, disregard, disrespect, for people and property.

Being able to handle any situation will be expected within your employee training, if they are trained? Everything that happens on your premises will be scrutinised if it comes down to someone trying to make a claim against your business, even if it’s false - you need the insurance to cover the costs, if your business’s reputation becomes an issue or if you’re forced to close down.  

People are so quick to threaten legal action that having the right insurance policies and the right cover is fundamental. Pubs and Nightclubs need any or all of the following when looking for insurance: employers liability, public liability, business interruption, product liability, employees liability, money insurance, buildings cover, personal accident injury, assault cover for staff, cover for contents, machinery and stock and a multitude of other things.

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