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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance is one of the fastest growing and highly complex business Insurances on the market now.

With Cyber Crime and Virus Downloads becoming more deliberate, dangerous and high tech, having the right kind of insurance for your business is fundamental. Your clients will expect privacy and security, and it is up to the company to ensure that if the worst happens, your clients data, information and/or bank details are safe. If you can’t guarantee this will happen, then Cyber Liability Insurance could be the only backup you have to keep your company’s reputation and even your business itself, from dissolving.

If your company holds files on clients that include any details either on the cloud or in files on your computer then having the right Cyber Liability Insurance will support and protect your business if your systems experience a data breach or even, and the prospect has become more common due to the ever evolving and highly intelligent digital world, an attack is targeted by a hacker to infiltrate your company’s information.

Not only does CLI protect your clients but also you as a company; if your company is dependent on computer systems to run, if you have a website, even if you only have marketing tools in various systems across the internet, or you employ ecommerce and PCI (Payment Card Industry) merchant services agreement, then by having CLI your company will be able to have the peace of mind that CLI brings if the worst happens.

Claims, legal costs and regulatory costs, plus the support and knowledge from experienced personnel will be available to you, providing you have the right level of cover in the event of a claim. This will ensure any damage has been kept at a minimum, your reputation remains intact and your business continues to operate.*

At Sunsure UK we understand the importance of Cyber Liability Insurance, but also how crucial it is to have comprehensive cover in the event of Cyber Crime in any form. We have become highly focused in this market and are well aware of the complexities within it.

Sunsure UK can offer its clients the most extensive coverage in the market, ensuring we help save you money as part of our service to all our clients.

Whatever industry you’re in, Cyber crime can play a part, so please contact Sunsure UK to give you help and advice, and save you money on your insurance premiums. Call 0208 432 3337 or follow the link to our online form here.


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