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Sunsure UK: Trade Insurance

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Sunsure UK: Trade Insurance

With UK laws constantly evolving and changing, tradesmen and construction companies must meet the needs of every worker, ensure security and safety to work and move, and if the worst happens, to be able to cover those affected. Material, risks, natural disasters, employees, your own business will need to be covered because you could be at risk or illegally working if you’re not.

If it was the theft of tools, to continue working, they would need to be replaced - the situation could effectively cause you loss of income. If an employee was injured, you’d need to make sure not only that you could cover him and his replacement but you and your business. With so many possibilities for accidents, damage and theft It’s essential to receive the right level of insurance.


  • Employers Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Tools Insurance


These are just a few of the unique insurance policies that will need to be provided as evidence in many different situations and in many official occurrences.

At Sunsure UK we can provide you and your company with the ideal cover by using our experience, knowledge and specialties to take a look at the market, compare the insurance companies and provide you with the right level of cover for the best price.

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